Mentoring Services

Can’t figure out why your emails aren’t getting responses? Perhaps I can help!

Are you trying to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level?  

I created my mentoring and consultation program based upon my own experience.  I wanted something “in-between” for navigating how to become a VA.  I was self-motivated and thought I was doing everything right…but I wasn’t getting clients at the rate I wanted.  All I could find were programs on how to become a VA that cost a hefty chunk of change.

What I wanted was a more experienced Virtual Assistant to mentor me and help me throughout the process whenever I needed that extra support.  I didn’t want to dish out quite a bit of money when I had already figured out a lot from the online VA forums and communities.  virtual assistant work from home

Now that I’m an experienced and successful Virtual Assistant, I would like to help guide new VA’s into this wonderful world.  It’s a big sandbox and plenty of space for all!

With my mentoring program you get:

  • One-on-one personal attention on you and your business,
  • Instructions on how to start your business, or
  • If you have already started, guidance on the next steps in order to gain more clients,
  • Thorough review of your webpage and social media accounts,
  • How to handle working full-time and starting a VA business (I’ve been there!),
  • How to price your business right for your lifestyle,
  • Finding your ideal clients and niche,
  • No pressure to sign up for more sessions – this works as a “when you need it” style,
  • Written up action plans for moving forward and accelerating your business*,
  • An experienced Virtual Assistant to help bring you to the next level.



~One hour initial consultation – $200~
~One hour follow up consultations – $70/session~
~*Written customized plans following consultations – $50/session~

**Discounted rates available if sessions are bought in bulk**


This is a pay-as-you-go style. I’m here when you need me…if you don’t need me – that’s a good thing!  That means you’re successful!

Let’s get started!


How did you hear about us?

What People Are Saying…

My name is Shakira Perry and I am working at becoming a full time virtual assistant. The name of my business is Supreme Virtual Assistant Services and I specialize in calendar/email management, email marketing, event planning and transcription.  Before working with Kiri, I was trying to build a business on my own and had no idea which direction to go in first.

She has helped me be specific in the services that I offer, develop a professional website and has opened my eyes to the fact that I can offer my services to several different types of businesses. As a result, I believe I will be very successful!  After speaking with Kiri I have a newfound confidence.

My advice for those thinking of mentoring with Kiri would be to just do it! I went back and forth with making the decision to have the initial consultation but I felt that this was an investment in myself and my business and it was the best decision I made.

My name is Samantha Sergeant and I am working on becoming a VA and starting my own business.

Having the initial consultation with Kiri really helped me to figure out the things I need to do and where to begin. She gave me great advice on what it means to be a sole-proprietor vs. forming an LLC and speaking with her gave me the confidence to get started. Without her, I think I would still be staring at a blank website template with no clue how to proceed.

Thanks to her advice and encouragement, I’ve made a lot of progress with my business already—I decided on a business name, finished my website, and am currently working on marketing plans and social media. Because of her, I believe I will be a successful VA and be able to pay it forward. Thanks so much Kiri!