Andy01Kiri made an immediate and unmistakable impact on my business, an impact that continues to grow in an incredibly positive fashion. She established an astonishing degree of trust out of the gate thanks to her skillful, proactive and thoughtful help. Bringing Kiri on board is one of the best business decisions I’ve made yet, hands down.

Andrew Pray
Founder, Praytell Agency


My name is Marcy Cole and I have a Holistic Psychotherapy practice, Produce First Tuesday Live events and Dr. Marcy Colefacilitate it’s on-line network, and am Founder and Executive Director of a Non-Profit called CMomA.

I have been working with Kiri on all 3 parts of my business.  Her services thus far have helped manage the overwhelming administrative details, and we are now strategizing together on how to better systematize my platform moving forward.

Kiri is a very clear communicator, totally reliable and resourceful, and a pleasure to work with.  I am excited to continue to work with her moving forward…exploring how her expansive and growing skill set can help manage and grow my platform.

I would absolutely recommend Kiri to anyone interested in delegating assistance with their business.  Hire her…you’ll be glad you did!

Marcy Cole
Founder, First Tuesday
Founder & Executive Director, CMomA


My name is Michael Blumental and I am the CEO of Health Data Decisions, a firm that helps health plans and providers use their data to improve the cost and quality of care.

Before Kiri began working as my Virtual Assistant, I was treading water with the administrative side of my hdd-2015-portrait-mike-1024x731business.  After 8 years in business I turned to Kiri to help me raise the bar on this critical aspect of our business.

When Kiri came onboard, she helped me assess our current processes, procedures and administrative workflows, and provided meaningful suggestions and actions to move us forward.  Kiri worked with us for a year to take us to the next level.  I got hours back in my week, felt like we had a backup plan, and in general feel more in control of this aspect of our business.

My advice for those thinking of working with Kiri would be give her a shot, take back hours in your work week, and focus on other aspects of your business while she takes care of the administrative side of things.

Michael Blumental
CEO, Health Data Decisions


I’m Christina Divigard, Managing Director of Valvespring, a business and communications consulting firm Christina headshotspecializing in advertising, marketing and public relations strategies that help companies achieve their business goals.  The very heart of our business model is making sure our team members can focus what they are best at – not just what they are sort-of good at. While we thought, at first, that we could manage the day-to-day administration of the business, it didn’t take long for us to realize that every minute spent on administrative tasks (tracking down information, managing data bases, desktop research and minding details) was time that was taking us away from our clients – and from our best work.

Kiri helped us make sense of our systems and our processes. She is a master of details and getting things done. For our business, she operates more like a chief of staff – making sure progress is being made on projects, that details don’t fall through the cracks, and that our clients have everything that they need. Kiri is quick to step up and say, “how about if I do “x” for you, so you can focus on that “y” project that’s due to the client next week.” She loves a good challenge and is not afraid to try something new.

When Kiri came on board, she quickly became a partner in our success. She is amazing at what she does – and an integral part of a team that thrives on excellence.  Being able to hand-off things to Kiri, frees up our brainpower to focus on the things that matter most for our clients. But more importantly, Kiri doesn’t just wait for things to be assigned to her – she helps figure out what needs to be done, and comes up with the right strategies for making things happen. She is a natural leader at planning, organizing, and building (and keeping) important momentum on our clients’ projects, as well as our own business initiatives. Kiri’s abilities have been a critical success factor in the impactful and effective work we have done for our clients. 

Christina Divigard
Founder, Valvespring360


My name is Beth Hanes, and I’m a freelance writer and the founder of RN2WRITER, a site that teaches nursElizabethHaneses how to transition into freelancing. Before Kiri began working as my Virtual Assistant, I was completely overwhelmed with administrative tasks. I needed an assistant who could manage all the pesky details of my work life, keep me on track and provide creative feedback. I found all of that and much more in Kiri.

Since I’ve been working with Kiri, I’ve been able to focus on money-making activities instead of administrative tasks. I feel like I have twice as many productive hours every day now that I no longer have to spend time posting my own blogs, creating interesting graphics or designing and uploading my weekly newsletter. Not only do I not have to physically perform these tasks, but I don’t worry about them getting done (and done correctly) because Kiri handles everything with such professionalism. I can pour my creative energies into doing what I do best while knowing Kiri has everything else covered.

If you need a creative, intelligent, dependable Virtual Assistant, you should stop looking right now and hire Kiri. That’s all there is to it!

Beth Hanes
Founder, RN2WRITER


As an executive responsible for client services within a national healthcare analytics company, I have an JimBogdanaggressive travel schedule, which includes managing and attending meetings, making presentations, as well as a sporadic schedule of clients meetings and calls.

Kiri had been an indispensable resource handling all of my administrative responsibilities.  With her help, I was always prepared for daily challenges.  We had only been working together for a short while when she started to know my habits, and anticipate support needs.  Meetings were well-coordinated with clear agendas, all logistical support arranged (maps, directions, attendees/titles, transportation), and presentations were well-formatted.

James B.
SVP, Healthcare IT Company


I am the producer and director of the feature film The Audience.  Kiri was the production accountant for the Rory Gory-circleentirety of the production, from pre-production, through production and post-production.

I sent her receipts for every film related expense in stages over the entirety of the project, which lasted two and a half years.  She organized these receipts, including both digital and paper copies.  She created complex but easy-to-use expense reports in Excel.  She consolidated the mess of information I gave her over many years into a few very clear, streamlined documents.

Before Kiri came on the project, the expenses were unorganized and difficult to sift through.  Her accounting services were exceptional, saved me an incredible amount of time, and helped keep the production budget on target.  She prepared paperwork for archival purposes, and if I need to revisit the documents for any reason, I can do so easily and without stress.

In addition to her ample administrative skills, she is also a pleasure to work with.  She communicates well and works very hard on all tasks, no matter what the size.  I would encourage anyone who is considering hiring her to do so!

Rory Gory
Director, The Audience