What is a Virtual Assistant?

In my own words, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who runs their own business, contracting out their expertise in any type of administrative field. Virtual Assistants work with entrepreneurs, executives, small and large companies, bloggers, and anyone who needs administrative help so that they can focus on their own tasks and not get bogged down in details.

How does DependableVA save me money?

Since I am not an employee, but an independent contractor, I help you save money by taking insurance, taxes, and benefits out of the equation. You also have no overhead cost and only pay for the amount of work performed. VA’s can save a company thousands of dollars.

How can I benefit from DependableVA?

Easy. You get your time back to work on what YOU want. If you have too many balls juggling in the air, trying to handle too many projects at once, and your to-do list is never ending, then you need a VA. As your business grows, DependableVA helps you save time by tackling the projects that may seem small in the beginning, but end up taking up too much time.

Can you explain your customized packages?

Customized packages (including social media marketing packages) differ from client to client. Everyone always wants to know about pricing, but it’s so hard to to lump each client in 10 to 20 hour retainer packages as other Virtual Assistant’s do. That’s why I work with you on the starter package and then figure out from there what the general need of a client will be based on the hours utilized and the difficulty of projects. I have had small packages with clients at only $400/month to entrepreneurs who need services for over $1000/month.

How do I know that you are actually working?

That’s a good question and one that’s asked often. I know it’s nerve wracking to be charged for work and you have no idea if you are being cheated out of your money, even more so when someone is virtual and you can’t physically see them.

I use toggl software to track the projects and assignments I’m working on during the starter package. It’s a time tracking software that helps me know how long I’ve worked on each request down to the minute. All hours are tracked and counted in 1-minute increments.

I’d like more information…

I’d be more than happy to talk via phone or speak to you over skype so that you can see my face and hear my voice. Feel free to also submit a form on my contact page.

I also advise you to read this article written by Michael Hyatt (former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) on The 10 Most Common Objections to Hiring a Virtual Assistant.