For Virtual Assistants

Are you a new Virtual Assistant struggling to land your first client?  Or have you lost a client recently and need a new one?

We’ve been there and know how sometimes you badly need another client.  

Whatever your reason,  help is here!  DependableVA can get pretty busy at times and rather than turn away clients, we would rather help out another Virtual Assistant in need.  

It’s quite simple.  Really.

  1. Sign up for my referral list (form below).
  2. Every time a client comes by and they are not a good fit for DependableVA for whatever reason, you’ll get an email to your inbox.
  3. The email will list the clients rates, services needed, and any other pertinent information.
  4. You apply with your information and why you think you’re a good fit.
  5. DependableVA will coordinate all logistics for an introductory phone call.
  6. If the client agrees to go with your services, all you owe is a small fee to DependableVA (determined by clients rates and need) and off you go!

What are you waiting for? Your next client could be right around the corner!  Sign up today and get ready to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level!


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