How a Virtual Assistant Can Help With Your Personal Life

I mainly support entrepreneurs and executives with my business.  They range from executives at large companies to single business owners with a driving passion for their own business.  Occasionally, I have helped them with personal tasks as well, but most of the time we focus apple-1851464_1280primarily on their business.

That all changed recently when I brought on a client who needed help only with his personal life.  It turns out that he can’t access internet at his work and his cell phone reception is so horrible in his office that he found himself getting more and more behind on personal tasks he had to do.

Normally, when someone hires an assistant for personal reasons, we think of an actual Personal Assistant: a person who meets with you live and either helps around the house or runs errands for you.  But my experience lately is that a Virtual Assistant can also help with many of the tasks a Personal Assistant would be able to help with.

Some examples of tasks I have supported my client with include:

  • Researching the necessary steps needed to process a visa for a remote country,
  • Purchasing personal cards, addressing the envelopes with stamps, and mailing them to him so he could fill them out and easily drop them in a mailbox,
  • Investigating a side business idea for him and doing the heavy lifting on how to make that happen,
  • Gathering information on where to go for his vacation,
  • Arguing with an airline company to get him e-vouchers when they canceled his flight multiple times,
  • Researching and booking venues for a rehearsal dinner he was hosting,
  • Scouring the internet on where to find knock off items,
  • Ordering gifts for friends and family, etc.

This has completely opened my eyes to how VA’s can help support people with personal to-dos.  It doesn’t feel like a lot, but when I look back on a month’s work and I see how much I have done for him, I am blown away.  It makes me wish I had my own personal VA!

So, for anyone who is looking for assistance with personal tasks, please contact me.  I’ve found that supporting a client with their personal life is quite enjoyable and who knows…you could end up saving yourself hours in the long run!