Joining a Team Again: The Association of Virtual Assistants

I am so excited to share with everyone the latest endeavor in my career: joining a team of 3 other women to lead The Association of Virtual Assistants.

team-3373638_640Created and led by Melissa Smith, we realized that there was a hole in the Virtual Assistant community…one that seems so obvious when it’s presented: there is no community for VAs out there that approaches the entire life cycle of a VAs career and where VAs have a say in how they want our profession to be standardized. Most online courses, training, and certificates are created by one person, but with the thought that this one person would decide what VAs currently need.

The biggest shortcoming is that so many of these communities help with training a VA to get their business off the ground, but do not help a VA learn how to grow their business, make passive income, and eventually retire their business. There is no holistic approach to our career.

Further, most VAs are spread out all around the internet. We have some VAs active in one group, others are part of another Association, whereas some are only active in their own VA niche communities (i.e. social media, executive assistance, etc). When clients need to find a Virtual Assistant, they don’t know where to find one. Clients then turn to freelancing sites where they can post a job and then have to weed through quite a few proposals and interview many VAs before finding one.

So why not create an Association that listens to what VAs need, advocates for VAs throughout their entire career, creates a certification program that is recognized by potential clients, and create a directory that is easily searchable and turns up VAs perfectly suited for a client?

Whew. That’s a lot.

But that’s why Melissa realized that she needed a team to help undertake this endeavor and why perhaps the one-person shows only offer expertise in one area, instead of a broader undertaking. And so the Association of Virtual Assistants was born and I am honored to be part of this journey.

This brain-child of Melissa’s (which she’s actually been working toward for over four years) launches today, March 17th. We are opening the Association for a limited time only, and closing it at the end of April for a month to work on our first offerings, which are based on what Founding Members want.

By joining as a Founding Member, you will get access to partnerships (such as Teachable, Adminja, Upflex and others), an invitation to our online Slack community (for people who don’t have play-stone-1237457_640Facebook like myself – this is much better!) to let us know your opinion and get help from fellow VAs, and access to our first training and virtual meetings. Our long-term goal is to create a directory for clients to easily find the support they need in their business with the perfect VA, thus also helping a VA in furthering their career.

So I invite YOU, my fellow Virtual Assistant, to be part of our profession’s future with our Association. Help set the standard for all VAs. Let us know what you’re looking for and how we can advocate for you.

Join at today. We’re excited to have you part of our community!