Operations & Administrative Management

Working for startups means there is generally a lot of work to be done, but not enough people to handle everything. While running a lean, mean machine, have you realized that assistants can often help with operations?

As a highly organized Executive Assistant, it was a natural fit to support and manage operations and administration within startups. Clients get support with:

  • Invoices
    • Sending out invoices, following up for delayed payments
  • Bank reconciliation
    • Keeping track of expenses and accounts receivable
  • Employee and contractor management
    • Onboarding employees/contractors, setting up direct deposit or payments systems, tracking hours and expenses, offboarding employees/contractors
  • Project management
    • Creation and implementation of SOPs, follow up with employees on deadlines, organization of files
  • Contracts
    • Creation and follow through of contracts to vendors and clients
  • Plus more!
    • Setting up software and platforms to keep your business running smoothly, internet research, editing and formatting of documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Beyond that, it’s the soft skills that blow my clients away. They value:

  • Responsiveness to requests
  • Professional writing¬†
  • Friendly phone demeanor
  • Relationship building
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Open communication
  • Turnaround time on tasks

My ultimate goal is to show people you can work with a Virtual Assistant that matches the caliber and quality of an in-house assistant. I believe you should not have to sacrifice professionalism because you are hiring someone who is remote.

If you are looking for a fully committed Virtual Assistant that is dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of support remotely, then we could be a good match. I look forward to hearing from you.