Personalized Packages to Fit Your Lifestyle

It’s vitally important to create a deep level of trust between an Assistant and the person they support, even more so when they are not in the same space. I have learned that in order to continuously provide quality work and to care for the other person’s business, there needs to be a certain level of faith between both parties.

Many people ask why I do monthly package deals as opposed to tracking time. The advantages are numerous, but most importantly:

  • You never have to worry if your VA is possibly stretching out hours on purpose, or wondering if when they ask for more work it’s because they want more money.
  • Package pricing gets you more value and opportunity for over-service.
  • It helps you budget better for the upcoming year. Pricing fluctuates so greatly with time tracking. Wouldn’t you rather ease your mind and know that it’s the same amount every month?

Lastly, a full time, in-house Assistant’s salary can range anywhere from $50,000-$110,000 depending on location, including benefits and overhead costs.  Put your mind at ease by knowing you will never have to spend that kind of money with an Executive Virtual Assistant. With my services, you get the same quality of support as someone full time and in-house, but with enormous savings.

So what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to begin working together!