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You did it!

You took the leap and launched your Virtual Assistant business.

Now you’re basking in the glory of working from home and you’re ready to sign your first client! The best way to get started? Learn from VAs who’ve gone before you…

What’s the one thing they all stress? The importance of forms and contracts!

The uneasiness sets in as you start to worry about things like:

  • Where do I find these contracts?
  • How will I know if they look professional to my new clients?
  • So many websites offer free templates… how do you know if they’re written correctly?
  • Is a bad contract worse than no contract at all?
  • Is it even legally binding if I write it myself?
  • What could happen down the road if I don’t do this right from the beginning?

Worst case scenario?

You could lose potential clients because you don’t look like you can handle your own business, much less theirs.

Or you could end up in a bad legal situation because you don’t have the right forms signed.

But I have great news!

I’ve been exactly where you are right now, worried and confused about where to begin.

I had to figure it out on my own based on trial and error with clients.

6 years later, I’m running a 6-figure business and have learned all the ins and outs of what you need to look professional and cover all the legal bases.

And I’ve put it all together for you in a one-stop-shop!

You can jump straight to feeling confident and professional before you even have any experience.

Your business will grow faster, and you’ll get better referrals if you look professional from the start.

In my own business, these forms and contracts help me look more professional than competitors, which allows me to charge higher rates and make more money. 

I want that for you too! Click on one of the bundles or individual forms below and start your Virtual Assistant business the right way.


Looking for a specific template on its own instead of the Bundle deal? Here they are!

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