Never Worked With a Virtual Assistant?

As a busy executive or entrepreneur, you’re overwhelmed with the little administrative details that seem to take up your life and slow you down from accelerating the business. You should experience having the support you deserve so that you can improve your productivity, bring in sales, and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.

How can you do that when you spend hours a day on emails going back-and-forth about setting up or rescheduling one simple meeting? Or when you have to shift your mindset and book extensive travel? Or how about tracking down those invoices that still need to be paid, paying subcontractors, and making sure your business is legally set up correctly?

Even though you know these tasks take up too much of your time, sometimes it’s scary delegating, especially for the first time. You don’t know how much support you need, and most importantly, what if you don’t get along with your Virtual Assistant and you’re roped into a long-term contract with them?

That’s why I offer a trial run that’s all about you:

  • No long term contract
  • Trial run is 30 days
  • 50% deposit required upfront, 50% upon completion
  • At the end of the trial run, we decide if we want to move forward working together.

You get more time back to focus on strategy, development, sales, or even a massage (hey, you need it!).

Let’s get started today. Contact me to start achieving results your business needs.