Why your WHY is So Important

I watched a TED talk a few weeks ago on understanding the “why” of your business. Essentially – why are you in this game? Why do you own this business? Here’s the TED Talk I watched for reference: How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek.

What Sinek was saying is that when you figure out your why, and it’s a good, honest, REAL why, you will inspire action among your employees and clients to do better and be better. When you watch the talk, he mentioned that your why should be at the center of everything you do. Why do you get out of bed every morning? Why does your organization exist? This is communicating from the inside out. Instead of the what you do being at the center, you should focus on your why. And why is that? Because your why is much more important than what you do.

I began thinking about this with my business and other Virtual Assistant businesses. What is my why? I consider my business to be successful, but why? Why do I wake up every morning and give the best that I can?

And after thinking about for a few days, I came to my answer. The why in my business is:

I want to show clients you can get the same level of quality in service in a Virtual Assistant as with an in-house assistant. I believe you do not have to sacrifice quality in work because your assistant is remote.

Thankfully (and knock on wood), I have yet to have a client leave my business and services due to unhappiness with my work. Every day I question-mark-1495858_640wake up and want to prove to my clients that there is no need to hire someone in-office when I can do everything but sort their mail (though I have heard of VAs who also do that!).

I have mentored a few VAs on how to make the jump from a full-time role to a VA role. One of the common problems that I am beginning to discern is that many people are wanting to make the leap into a VA career for the wrong why. The most common reasons consist of:

  1. A flexible schedule,
  2. A part-time job to earn a bit of money,
  3. The ability to be home with their children while also making money.

Those are the top reasons I hear. They are good reasons – but those reasons are a by-product. I have a flexible schedule now. I earn money. I can keep my daughter home with me at times if I wanted to (I could do it all the time, but I choose not to). But they’re not the reason I went into this business and I think that makes a significant difference. Clients can feel and understand if you’re in this business for YOU or if you’re in it for THEM.

So, before you start any business – are you in it for you? What is your why? I believe this is the one key that sets apart the VA businesses that are struggling and the ones that become successful.



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